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Embrace the change.

The #1 layoff shield to protect the entrepreneurs, the Employer Branding and the employees. We are here to prove that any change is an opportunity.

Relax, and focus on saving your business.

The guarantees you need


The center of our approach and the key to a successful process.




Our solution has been developed in collaboration with Tech experts, VCs, and experienced CFOs.

The magic recipe

A crystal clear 5-step path to do your BEST in the WORST situation

Our awesome features
Share the initiative with your collaborators

First during the HR meeting, and then by email sharing the magic-link for them to subscribe.

Our awesome features
The 1-hour call

Focus on the emotional situation and start the process to rebound into new opportunities.

Our awesome features
Introduction to local partners

To shorten the process of getting a new opportunity, we introduce the collaborators to our partners network in all EU5 countries.

Our awesome features

We provide a full list of interviewed collaborators with the details of each block of the call.

Our awesome features
Measure the results and Boost your ESG topics

Not only measure the level of bad buzz following the announcement.. but also the time to next job. Compare it to the market average. This will look great for your investors.

The 1 hour Call

A 4-blocks- structured call with each collaborator to initiate the next step.

Simple Pricing

A fixed price of 500€ to make us experts of your company and our whole team. A variable price of 100€ per collaborator joining the program based on the full detailed list of collaborators interviewed delivered at the end of the program. * *we estimate between 35 and 55% of collaborators who join the program, based on previous projects

+ 100€ / collaborator
  • Understanding of your situation
  • 1 hour call with each collaborator
  • Full list of interviewed collaborator
  • Measured results
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You are not the first one either the last one to be in this situation. We are here to help.


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